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“I am ensorcelled by the beauty and drama contained in the objects and materials around me. Shapes, colors, features, all come together for me as mystical signs that carry some nature of meaning, like an essential truth waiting to be revealed.” - Calin Georgescu Calin Georgescu is an European photographer, camped in Bucharest and France. Leaving an over two decades career in mass way and creative advertising, Calin went back to his creative roots to tread his vocation as a visual artist.

Decorative, powerful, abstract, dramatic, together. His original photos are simply the native camera.

Calin is an Romanian photographer, based in Marseilles, France. A former creative advertising executive, Calin went back to his creative roots to follow his vocation as a visual artist în the field of abstract photography. His photos are simply the native camera captures, gently re-framed and color enhanced. Most of Calin's works are single editions, square framed, archive printed, digitally certified.

Calin graduated from Film Academy, Bucharest and got an Advanced studies in Visual Communications and Advertising in London.

Artworks for sale: Painter, ORANGE SUN, REDCUT, SQUARES, PASTEL LAKE by Calin Georgescu

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