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Boriana Mihailovska Artist Bio

Over the last recent years my work follows my perceptions to the life. In the beginning I was interested in just the beauty of the surrounding world.

The birth of my daughters gave me a series of paintings expressing the peace and joy of childhood. Then as the game I started doing small collages that quickly grew into large artworks in mixed media.

Now the main object of my work is the man and his quest to define itself. His striving for development and the search for meaning in existence expressed through abstract images that suggest not explain.

In the process of creation I experiment a lot with materials as different types of paper, acrylic, metal spray, etc.

Boriana got Master of Painting degree, The National Academy of Art, Sofia.

Artworks for sale: Painter, Memory, Oazis, Conection, Looking forward by Boriana Mihailovska

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