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Bernie Saunders

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Bernie Saunders Artist Bio

Bernie Saunders received his first photo camera from his dad when he was in Junior High School, and has been visually exploring the essence of nature ever since. His most recent art projects, "The Soul of Flowers," and "The Power of Reflection," shows the inside world of nature, and is used to teach the importance of reflection, renewal and rejuvenation in sustaining a healthy life balance.

Bernie is the co-author of the internationally acclaimed book, "Ten Steps to a Learning Organization," and the author of "Boundless Renewal: Embrace the Power of Reflection." He also co-authored "The Grace of Ordinary Days," a book he published with his mother, Kay Saunders.

He is a self-taught photographer. He has had the privilege of being guided by such renowned photographers as Doug Beasley, Jim Brandenburg, and Dewitt Jones.

Bernie’s art is part of the corporate and individual collections. He has shown his work at the Grand Marais and Excelsior Art Festivals, St. Paul Art Crawl, McMillian Gallery, Howard Conn Fine Art Gallery, The Marsh, and the Center for Spirituality and Healing.

Artworks for sale: Painter, Grass Sun Explosion, Cattails Galore, Sunset, Purple Delight, Tanzania Hills by Bernie Saunders

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