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Blu Smith

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Cold Autumn
Digital Arts, 97 x 74 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 550
Mountain Moon
Paintings, 62 x 111 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 750
Crane Morning
Paintings, 77 x 83 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 900
Red City
Digital Arts, 106 x 108 см.
Aleksandr Klyuyanov 750

Blu Smith Artist Bio

Born in Kamloops in 1968 and grew up in Vernon, B.C. Canada. As a young man he moved to Victoria and completed his bachelor of fine arts at the University of Victoria in 1993. Victoria B.C. where Blu lives and works with his wife and growing young family.

His mature style as an conteptual painter began as an exercise to free himself from the technical restraints of realism. Non representational abstract became a creatively freeing direction that evolved into his unique voice as an artist. "My work has always been predominantly non-representative but based from organic shapes with strong ties to nature.

The organic structures are balanced with cavernous spaces and are filled with light and glow with an atmospheric quality. This group of paintings is really about the diversity of two different states and the transitions between the two. T

The real appeal lies in bridging the gap between structure and space." His early influences included the abstract expressionists of the New York School. Most notably of these artists were Willem DeKooning, Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell. Blu has exhibited his work throughout Canada, the US and Europe for several years.

Artworks for sale: Painter, A Crack In The Sky, Echoes, Apparitions, Through Light Dark Falls, The First Mist by Blu Smith

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