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Ashenafe Mestika

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Ashenafe Mestika Artist Bio

I always want to connected with my surrounding and observe the balance of life, I love social issues it gives me a lot of ideas and inspiration for my art works. I use different kind of subject matter that we used in our everyday life experience and attached with our life in so many ways.

In my art works I like to depict the Portrait of Inner Emotion and the result from it. The reason I want to interpret this Inner Emotion to a visual perception is because emotion is often defined as a complex state of feeling that results in physical and psychological changes that influence thought and behavior, this complex state of feeling are give me the insight for my art work to see things in deferent angel and unlimited visual interpretation.

When I paint I feel like I am writing a dairy. I love complementary colors it has a big role in my art work to show the balance of life, the visual and ideal information I perceive from my surrounding, my art works are filled by complementary ideas which is IN and OUT there is Emotion and Expression, Emotion has a powerful impact in our environment as well as our living environment also has an equal impact to the Emotion so that I inspired to compose these two deferent but related ideas to a visual language. I believe life is balanced in complementary arrangement.

My art work is the Portrait of my deeper Emotion and I depict this visualization to an art form

Artworks for sale: Painter, Group Art Exhibition at MILLERNTOR , Life on Portrait, Inner portrait by Ashenafe Mestika

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