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Kimberly Balla Artist Bio

Kimberly is inspired by Max Ernst's unique textures and the chance based processes in which he uses. Kimberly’s process involves a great deal of chance as well. Using a chance based approach adds a bit of challenge, but also a bit of magic and excitement to her process. Kimberly is also very much inspired by the dream like patterned landscapes of Darren Waterston, Anselm Kiefer, and Paul Klee.

Kimberly Balla graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from Western Washington University in 2013. At Western she stumbled upon her signature technique.

She shows on a regular basis between art walks, group shows, and juried shows. She has won multiple awards and honors including 1st place Award at EAFA’s International Juried Abstract Exhibition in 2014. She also regularly volunteers for Ryan James Gallery and EAFA Gallery.

This technique was discovered by long hours of experimentation. Kimberly found that combining three different oil paint mediums allowed for a unique chemical reaction to occur. This reaction formed unusual 3D-like fractal patterns and geological groves throughout the oil paint surface. With these artists in mind Kimberly uses her new found style to create her own dream like atmospheres. She intends for her dreamscapes to transport the viewer to a new world, a world of forms which are familiar, yet unfamiliar. Kimberly works from her studio at the Inscape Arts building in Seattle WA.

Artworks for sale: Painter, Fine Arts, Bothell, Ryan James, Fine Arts, Kirkland, Hot Spot, Nature of Existance, Shards of a New Horizon, Missing Pi by Kimberly Balla

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